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Seo Expert in india
Best Seo Expert in India

SEO Expert in India

Turn your small business into a big brand with Google SEO experts in India

well-designed and well-designed website is essential for any online business or activity. But what if the site is not visible online to a potential customer? Did you know that ranking high in Google search results can bring in a lot of new business? Did you know that Google loves optimized sites? 

To achieve all the above goals, you need to hire an SEO expert who will not only organize your site, but also improve your web content, design, and UI for conversion. Siddharth Nahar is a famous SEO expert in India. You can hire him today for all your online marketing needs and get the best SEO services for your online business. Our search engine optimization experts in India help you get quality organic traffic without spending a single penny on paid ad networks.


Leading India SEO expert and Consultant

Are you on the hunt for a reliable SEO expert in India who can help rank your website at a prominent position on Google search results? Look no further, as we are one of the best SEO experts in the country. With our services available in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and other parts of India, we are a fast-emerging freelance SEO expert. Our in-depth knowledge of over 200 search engine ranking factors allows us to utilize the latest SEO techniques for optimal results.

Our SEO specialists cater to our clients’ needs while keeping pace with dynamic search marketing trends. We differentiate ourselves through our extensive experience, knowledge base, ethical practices, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Whatever your local search marketing needs may be, trust our team to deliver guaranteed SEO success and a significant return on investment. As a top SEO consultant in India, we pride ourselves on our foundation of quality, low-cost solutions, and value for money.

Why we are the best SEO Expert in India

  • As the top Google SEO specialist in India, we have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. Our dedicated freelance SEO experts will help you dominate your niche market by optimizing your website in line with modern and standard search engine ranking guidelines set by major search engines.
  • As reputable freelance SEO experts in India, we strive to offer the best possible organic SEO services to our clients. We treat each website differently, employing unique and enhanced search engine optimization strategies for each site. With over five years of experience in the SEO and internet marketing industry, our team knows everything there is to know about SEO.
  • Our team takes pride in one of the most significant records for the successful delivery of digital SEO marketing services in India, with 50+ satisfied clients across the globe and a customer retention rate of 99%. We believe in providing quality and result-oriented SEO, and we are recognized for our ethical approach. We do not guarantee mysterious top 10 rankings in search engine result pages, though almost all of our projects enjoy top 10 rankings in top search engines.
  • Our SEO experts are extremely affordable, and our pricing depends on the project and keyword competition. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable SEO service provider in India, look no further than our team of experienced freelance SEO experts.For More Contact Us

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is organic SEO?
      Organic SEO is the art of optimizing your website to appear at the top of Google search results and maps. By achieving this, you’ll attract a steady stream of free traffic to your website every month. Unlike Google Adwords, which can be expensive and only attract about 10% of clicks, organic search results attract the other 90% of clicks. This makes it an excellent strategy for boosting your online visibility and attracting high-quality traffic to your website.
    • What includes in My SEO expert services?
      We provide a comprehensive range of on-page and off-page optimization services to help you improve your website’s visibility and attract high-quality traffic to your site. Our on-page optimization services include:
      • Keyword research to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for your business
      • Content optimization and strategy formulation to ensure your website’s content is engaging, relevant, and optimized for search engines
      • Website informational architectural analysis and optimization to ensure your website is easy to navigate and user-friendly
      • Establishing a usable website navigation structure to help users and search engines find what they’re looking for
      • Meta tag creation and optimization to ensure your website’s meta tags are optimized for search engines
      • Improving the code of your website and HTML markup to ensure your website is search engine friendly and easy to crawl.
      Our off-page SEO services include:
      • Establishing links to your website from high-authority domains to improve your website’s authority and credibility
      • Creating local and global business listings of your business to enhance your online presence and credibility
      • Creating business profiles to establish your business’s presence on social media and other online platforms
      • Content marketing on article posting sites to build high-quality backlinks and drive traffic to your website
      • Outreach activity to increase trust and credibility among search engines
      • Using press releases to make your presence on online PR media felt and improve your website’s visibility.
    • How much does it cost to hire a search engine optimization expert in India?
      Our Pricing mostly depend upon difficulty of the keywords and efforts required to rank them on front page of Google. There is a lot of work involved in doing SEO, So our Monthly SEO packages start from 12,000 INR per month. However, at this price, it will take a lot longer to rank at the top of Google. For most businesses, we recommend our 20,000 -25,000 INR per month package as it has the best value.
    • Why Does your Business need Search Engine Optimization Expert?
      In this competitive world, every business wants to expand its reach to the maximum number of customers and SEO is the best thing to achieve it. Here are the top reasons which force all business to hire SEO expert:
      • Increase Brand Awareness: Good SEO services make your website popular and help you earn a good Brand awareness and so do we. We help you to make your brand more trustable.
      • Get More Number of Leads: Doing SEO in India can help you gain a number of organic leads for your business. Our authentic results make us the Best SEO consultant in India.
      • Increase in Sales: When you rank high on the Google Search Engine Result Pages then for sure, you are going to get a guaranteed increase in sales.
      • Your competitors are already doing SEO: This is an era of competition and everyone wants to stand on the top of it. Due to this, your rival companies are already doing this and getting more leads and increased sales.
    • What are the Advantages of Hiring SEO Expert for your business?
      Cost-Effective Solution: SEO marketing is an economical approach to promoting your business online, and it is considerably less expensive than offline marketing methods. Audience Analytics: By employing SEO services, you can effortlessly monitor user traffic on your website based on location, device type, and age group, enabling you to gather valuable insights about your audience and customers. Genuine Organic Leads: Our SEO services in India generate genuine organic leads at no cost to you, ensuring that your business receives high-quality prospects. Increased Conversion Rates: The leads generated through our SEO efforts are more likely to convert into loyal customers, leading to an increase in daily sales and revenue. Enhanced Brand Visibility: By optimizing your website’s SEO, it will rank higher on search result pages, increasing your brand’s visibility and popularity, attracting more potential customers to your business.
    • How long does search engine optimisation take?
      It’s advisable to allocate at least 6 months for SEO efforts, especially for established websites in less competitive industries. However, if your business operates in a highly competitive market, it may take 12 to 18 months to achieve significant results. Typically, a period of 6 to 12 months is a reasonable timeframe for our search marketing SEO techniques to help your website reach the top of Google search results.
    • Benefits of availing SEO Expert Services from me?
      Adherence to Latest Google Algorithms: Our SEO experts always keep up with the latest Google algorithms to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Substantial Lead Generation: With our organic SEO services in India, your website will attract a significant amount of user traffic from Google search results, resulting in a substantial number of leads. Increased Sales: As your website ranks first on Google and attracts thousands of relevant visitors, a considerable number of them are likely to become your customers, boosting your sales and revenue. Online Reputation Management: In addition to optimizing your website’s SEO and search ranking, we also prioritize maintaining a positive online reputation for your business, ensuring that it is perceived favorably by potential customers in the online world.
    • Who is best SEO expert in India
      Siddharth Nahar is the Best SEO Expert in India as he is the one who optimizes websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings for keywords that are potentially more Traffic and revenue-generating. Siddharth Nahar  uses only WHITE HAT SEO Techniques of 2023.